Hot Pad Series

Herbal Hot Eye Pad 150g 400THB

Hot pad series for eyes

Traditional Thai Medicine treatment using Herbal Ball Therapy is said to strengthen the body’s innate immune system and natural healing abilities. We developed this product as part of the Herbal Hot Pad Series so that you can easily enjoy this warm herbal treatment in your home just by using a microwave. Gradually eases pain and tension.

Herbal Hot Series can be used repeatedly until the smell disappears.


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  • Benchasiri Park Shop
  • Sukhumvit 24 Phrom-Phong Shop
  • Sukhumvit 4 Nana Shop

3 kinds of Hot Eye Pad available

lemongrass Lemongrass
A formula recommended when worried about chills or sluggishness in the body.
chamomile Chamomile
This is a formula recommended for when you feel stress. Will aid deep sleep if taken before sleep.
plai Plai&Ginger
This formula is recommended when you want to relax muscle fatigue or pain.

Please use microwave oven to heat

Microwave Estimated heating times for microwave oven.
Herbal Hot Eye Pad ………… 1min
Herbs may burn if overheated. Please mind heating time while heating.


Herbal Hot Eye Pad [Lemongrass] 150g
Herbal Hot Eye Pad [Chamomile] 150g
Herbal Hot Eye Pad [Plai&Ginger] 150g

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