With gratitude

Asia Herb Association CEO Yumiko Kase
Asia Herb Association Massage & Spa Bangkok
Greetings and welcome to Asia Herb Association!
My name is Yumiko Kase.

Charmed by Thailand’s beauty, fascinated by Asian herbs,
16 years in love with Thai traditional therapy, “herbal ball”.

Appreciative of the blessings of the earth;
Fertilize the soil; grow herbs;
Wash, chop, then crush them;
Wrap them tightly in cotton fabric,
To create our handmade “Fresh Herbal Ball”.

From a desire to tell everyone how wonderful Thai herbs are
And hope that everyone enjoys the herbs;
Every day is trial and error.

Learning from advices, support, encouragement,
and criticisms from many,
the shops and all staff have developed and grown.
Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

We continue to strive our best to be the shop loved
by everyone for a long, long time.
Today, we look forward to serving you with bright smile.

With heartfelt gratitude.
Asia Herb Association
Yumiko Kase
Asia Herb Association Massage & Spa Bangkok