Herbal Ball

Organic Herbal Ball 60g 800THB

Contains 18 kinds of dried herbs.
A herbal ball that you can enjoy at home.

You can enjoy the healing benefits of Asia Herb Association’s Fresh Herbal Ball from the Signature Menu right in your own home with this dry herbal ball. Improve blood circulation by warming and then pressing this herbal ball made from 18 varieties of organic herbs onto areas of tension and discomfort. Also removes accumulated toxins in the body.


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microwave Instructions for Microwave Use
Soak the ball portion of the Herbal Ball in water for approximately 1 minute. Gently wring the moisture out of the ball, and heat to the appropriate temperature in the microwave (hot, but not painfully so).
Caution: If you heat in the microwave for too long, the herbs will burn, so take care to not overheat.
steamer Instructions for Steamer Use
Place the Herbal Ball in the steamer and heat. Once hot, remove using a towel or other protective measures so as to not get burned. Once the Herbal Ball has cooled to the right temperature (hot, but not painfully so), press it where you feel discomfort on your body. Once the Herbal Ball has become cool, re-heat again for use. As a general guideline, use for 10 minutes on each place you feel discomfort.


stamp press STAMP Press
Press lightly and rhythmically in a vertical line on to the face.
* This method is used when the herbal ball is still hot after being steamed.
swing press SWING Press
Firmly applying pressure while pressing the herbal ball as if to push it up.
* Used for stimulating in a straight line.
rotation press ROTATION Press
Hold the bundled part and press the herbal ball as if you are drawing a circle.
* Use when stimulating a wide area.


Organic Herbal Ball 60g

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